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January 13, 2007

Critter Spray Gun

Critter Spray GunIf you've always wanted to try spray finishing but were overwhelmed by the expense and the complicated options available, then the Critter Spray Gun is just for you! I had never sprayed a finish before and I refinished my kitchen cabinets with the Critter by spraying tinted Ceramithane, and had amazing results. You can read my review here.

The simplicity of the gun belies its excellent performance. The unit consists of a siphon gun that screws onto a standard 16 oz. Mason jar and can be used with a compressor as small as 3/4 HP. Plus the Critter is a snap to clean - simply fill another jar with the appropriate solvent, splash the liquid around, and spray it though the gun. Wipe off the liquid nozzle, lid and gasket, and you're done. The finish doesn't flow through the gun, so there are no tips or hoses to clog. Any unused finish can be stored in the Mason jar until your next use.

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January 2, 2007

New Year's Greetings from Highland Woodworking's Owner

Dear Woodworker,

As we approach our 30th year serving woodworkers, we at Highland Woodworking would like to thank you for your incredible support.

Years ago, the people who work here created a Vision Statement for our enterprise:

"Highland Woodworking is a Learning Community that fosters the Joy of Craftsmanship and a Passion for Excellence."

Whether it is seeking advice from the many woodworking experts on our staff, taking part in our workshops and seminars, or just browsing the huge resource of useful information contained in our excellent catalog, website and store, your participation and enthusiasm is what has made the work meaningful and worthwhile for us.

We welcome your presence in our Learning Community, and we especially welcome your visits, be they by phone, mail, the Internet or in person.

Best wishes for the coming year.


Chris Bagby, Owner & Founder
Highland Woodworking, Inc.