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Woodturner's Bandsaw Blade Kudos

Hello Highland Woodworking,

Recently I purchased some of your Woodturner's Bandsaw Blades, plus a few new items to help rebuild my 15 year old Delta 14" bandsaw. As a professional woodturner-studio artist I just wanted to pass along my observations: namely, these are the absolute BEST bandsaw blades for woodturners. Over my 25+ years of woodturning I have tried them all, every brand, every configuration including carbide tipped (very expensive but nice) ... but these are incredible. I just mounted one and began trimming a fresh chuck of green ambrosia maple, very wet and heavy. The blade never stalled, never even whimpered ... and I am sometimes a bit aggressive.

Add to this the rapid response time from your store and the fast delivery, and you can mark me a VERY satisfied customer.

Please feel free to use this as an endorsement or recommendation or whatever. I have already passed along the info to several other woodturners I know and I expect some of them to also switch to your blades. Keep up the good work!

Dick G.
AAW Honorary Lifetime Member


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